Peace River Wildlife Center

3400 Ponce de Leon Parkway | Punta Gorda, Florida 33950 | 941-637-3830

A Non Profit Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center

Open to the public for tours from 11a – 4p | Accepting wildlife patient intakes from 8a – 5p
Everyday, 7 days a week, 365 day a year (including holidays)

No fee to enter but the wildlife depends on your donations and greatly appreciated!



Injured, Sick & Orphaned  Florida Native Wildlife


and Release back into their Natural Wild Habitats


The Public by offering Outreach Speaking Presentations at Schools and Events.

Earth Day 2018

Sunday, April 22, 2018 is Earth Day, the 48th anniversary of the celebration.  In 1970 the event was first observed by 20 million Americans, mostly students.  Today over one billion people in 192 countries from all walks of life participate in Earth Day events, making...

Luna’s Birthday 2018

Peace River Wildlife Center is a wildlife rehabilitation facility. Our primary mission is to treat and release injured and orphaned wildlife. Secondarily, we strive to educate people about native Florida wildlife. Animals that will be released are not legally...

Otter-ly fascinating

Last week’s unfortunate encounter between kayakers and a river otter on Braden River, where a woman got scratched when an otter jumped into her kayak, was an anomaly.  Their whimsical antics make otters a popular attraction wherever they are on display to the public. ...

The people of PRWC

We often talk about the number of animals we see at Peace River Wildlife Center.  Let’s look at the number of people that impact and are impacted by PRWC.  By rough estimate, we have approximately 100,000 visitors each year coming to the Center to tour our permanent...

Icarus update

In early January 2018, Peace River Wildlife Center admitted a bald eagle that had been burned by a power pole discharge.  While it isn’t a common injury for us to treat, an electrical shock is not unheard of.  When we do have an incident like this, Florida Power &...

“Everytime I go home to visit my mother, I try to go and see Luna and her friends. The best trip was when I visited with my granddaughter. She loved visiting Luna and, of course, she just had to have the stuffed animal from the gift shop!”

Ann P.

“This is a wonderful wildlife rescue center. There are many different types of birds (I lost count of how the number of species) and a few other species (opossum, tortoise). The staff and volunteers are friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. The facility is very clean and well organized. There is a fun gift shop with a large selection of clothing, books, jewelry, mugs, etc. They accept donations, but there is no admission fee.”

Ralph B.

“A nice inexpensive way to pass an afternoon. Many Florida birds being rehabilitated in a clean and comfortable location. Staff was informative and nice and there are informational signs near all of the wildlife.”


“I’ve visited PRWC since I was about 6 and I’ve loved getting to know some of the long time feathered resident rescues. The volunteers & staff are incredible, loving people who take great care of the animals and connect to the public with really interesting bits of knowledge. They have a great sample of Florida’s beloved bird population, including Bald Eagles, Roseate Spoonbill, a talking crow, a rare white Screech Owl, and Mooch, the loitering former resident.”

Amy C.