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PRWC Facebook Contests

What is This?
Facebook Contest FUNdraiser 
for Peace River Wildlife Center

Criminal Repellent is a Proud Supporter of  the Peace River Wildlife Center. PRWC’s Facebook contests are held as a Fundraiser for PRWC, Prize Giveaways are sponsored by Criminal Repellent, and any donations will go toward PRWC’s Capital Campaign Fund. To learn more about Criminal Repellent, click here.

The Contests: (No Purchase required) 

Held 1 time per week, (starting on Tuesday and ending on Sunday) Criminal Repellent will be offering a FREE prize giveaway by simply liking PRWC on Facebook and participating in our weekly fb contests; “Caption this” and “What is this?”. Criminal Repellent will also give any purchaser on their website a store-wide discount of 5% off their purchase and will also donate 20% of any profit sales of your order to the Peace River Wildlife Center by using the discount code PRWCFB at their checkout. This donation will go directly to our Capital Campaign Fund. 

Contest Rules for FREE Prize Giveaway: (No purchase required)

  • Like and follow Peace River Wildlife Center on Facebook / optional: Criminal Repellent on Facebook
  • Participate in PRWC’s fb contests that offer a FREE product giveaway sponsored Criminal Repellent
  • Live in the Continental USA for Product Shipment (or can be picked up at the Wildlife Center)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age to participate
  • Criminal Repellent Employees / PRWC Staff & Volunteers can participate in contest but not eligible for the free prize giveaway

Discount and Donation Rules for Purchases: (PRWC Fundraiser)

  • Live in the Continental USA for Product Shipment (or can be picked up at the Wildlife Center)
  • At checkout, you must use the discount code: PRWCFB to receive your 5% discount off your purchase and for the PRWC to receive their 20% of profit sales donation
  • Must be at least 18 years old to purchase products from

How are Winners Picked?:

Contest winners will be randomly selected by Peace River Wildlife Center Staff and/or Volunteers based on the criteria of the current contest being held at the time. Criminal Repellent will choose what product will be offered in the contest.

example: The “caption this” contest winner will be determined by the best caption submitted within the start and end time of the contest. The “What is this?” contest winner will be determined by randomly selecting a participant that got the answer correct within the start and end time of the contest.

Winners will be notified by instant messenger and posted on facebook.

Current Contest Prize Giveaway:

The “Heart Attack” Self-Defense Keychain. Click here for more information on this product.

The Heart Attack Keychain

*note* Peace River Wildlife Center guarantees all prize giveaways to be awarded to the winner that meet all contest rules. Prizes are held on site donated by Criminal Repellent. Peace River Wildlife Center holds no liability or responsibility with any orders placed on the Criminal Repellent website. Criminal Repellent receives and processes all orders from customers and any purchase will adhere to Criminal Repellent Terms, Conditions and Policies. Criminal Repellent has been helping protect families, homes and business since 2003 in Charlotte County, Florida and across the entire continental USA offering a huge Non Lethal Arsenal of Self Defense and Home Security Products such as Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Expandable Batons, Personal Alarms, Diversion Safes and Survival Gear as well as Hidden Cameras, Nanny Cams and Surveillance Systems.

Dobbi the Opossum
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