PRWC Memberships


Members give the Peace River Wildlife Center its Heart

Peace River Wildlife Center Members Rescuing, rehabilitating, and restoring wildlife to their proper place in nature is at the core of the PEACE RIVER’S mission. Some creatures cannot prosper in the wild, even after care, they become life-long residents at our center in Punta Gorda.

Providing these services to our wild friends requires resources: veterinary and pharmaceutical care, food, water and electricity. The PRWC is a non-profit organization run mostly by volunteers.

Membership fees help defray these and other expenses. But membership means more than dues.

Members are invited to the center’s meetings and they are voting constituents. The center needs and appreciates their advice and counsel and on-going support. Our members are essential to the center and its mission. All memberships include a 10% discount in our gift shop.